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Dr Jubran Hamad Kharshan Law Office


We engages in dealing with various lawsuits before all courts of law; administrative, commercial, criminal Circles, sub commissions, and judicial authorities of all levels and competency. It undertakes representing the clients in attending sessions, presenting them in all steps of trial, starting with information collection and conclusion, taking it through investigation up to pleading and defending before such court, and finally execution of the relevant case as per its legal nature and type, as to the following:

  • Handling all cases of personal status, bequests, minors, evidencing marital status and divorce, repudiation (khula),kinship, death, custody, right to see, visit, and care of kid, parents’ right, limitation of succession, liquidation of inheritance, heirs disputes, execution of bequests, requirements of endowers, settlements of heritage debts, and collecting its rights, division of heritage real estates between the heirs, transfer of ownership of secreted shares to deservers within or outside the Kingdom, settlement of heritage, assessment of its assets, its division and sale, announcement of liquidation in the manner prescribed by the law, applying for imposing, increasing, and abandon alimony, requesting custodianship, guardianship, conservatorship, guardianship over squanderers and insolvents, removing guardianship, requesting appointment of guardians and conservators (with the intention to resolve disputes).

  • Handling administrative cases against all administrative authorities, whether in relations to the administrative decisions and disputes between administrative authorities and individuals, employees or otherwise, or that relates to claims made by individuals or establishments and companies against different administrative authorities.

  • Handling individual or collective cases in relation to labor disputes, in addition to assisting its clients and support them in all matters in connection with the work and laborers, such as, negotiation, drafting employment contracts, setting policies on ad hoc basis to adhere to the laws and regulations, representation before the courts of law, Labor Office, and Labor courts,

  • Undertaking all cases in relation to real-estate, leases, extracting ownership deeds, and finalizing all formal procedures in real estate lawsuits, prevention of possession aggression and its recovery, evacuation of leased property, compensation for damages, removal of… and restoring the property to its original state, and claiming delinquent rent.

  • Undertaking all criminal cases and damages.

  • Assuming all cases in relation to negotiable instruments (cheque, bill of exchange, promissory notes) before the competent execution circles, and all companies lawsuits and investment disputes, as per the recent amendments of the Companies’ Act, up and till its execution and collection.

  • Handling all lawsuit in relation to financial claims and contracts.

  • Handling all cases in relation to bankruptcy and financial regulatory

  • Administering cases in relation to banks, financial institutions, and exchanged companies, claiming debts, and representing its clients in litigations, including letters of credit, bonds, letter of bank guarantees, facility agreements, and all banking disputes

  • Undertaking insurance lawsuits of all types, at personal or commercial level, or otherwise, before the competent authorities, whether the aggrieved was natural person or corporate.

  • Handling claims in relation to infringement of intellectual property right, follow up its process up and till a final judgment is rendered on its merit.

  • Undertaking claims on behalf of the aggrieved, in relation to medical malpractice or negligence, before the medical commissions up to awarding the appropriate damages, or appealing the decision before the administrative court at the Board of Grievances.

  • Handling claims in relation to customs, before the Preliminary Appellate Customs Commissions of first trial and thein the kingdom.

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