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Dr Jubran Hamad Kharshan Law Office

Our Services

We engages in dealing with various lawsuits before all courts of law; administrative, commercial, criminal Circles, sub commissions, and judicial authorities of all levels and competency. It undertakes representing the clients in attending sessions, presenting them in all steps of trial, starting with information collection and conclusion, taking it through investigation up to pleading and defending before such court, and finally execution of the relevant case

In light of the wide spreading, ease and rapid transfer of information, the genuine need to know rights and obligations, and the legal stance about any intended project, we undertaken to provide legal and advisory consultation services by distinctive consultants covering all legal and Sharia’h aspects in relation to the laws and regulations applicable in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, including conducting the required due diligence, 

 We  provide services with well experience and profound knowledge to commercial sole proprietorship establishments, companies, whether being partnerships (General partnership, Limited partnership, Joint venture), or corporations (Joint stock companies, Closed stock companies, Partnership limited by shares, Limited Liability company, Cooperative and Insurance Companies,  

We engaged in drafting all contracts and agreements of all types (civil, commercial and administrative), whether with individuals or companies at domestic and international level, including reviewing, negotiating its terms and conditions with third parties, providing solutions and legal proposals on the impediments of its execution, and claim rights arising there from through all legitimate means, utilizing the decisions of the 

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